The Rocks

(Rapturous writing style)

Friend, delight bowman me what is fallacious with me?

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Or is it perhaps the world?

For I told myself, it could be either way!

I gave up drinking, smoky and gambling,

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and I ne'er swore, but next I started to.

So I prayed on that, and went after women

instead, and became compulsively attracted.

I went and got married to endow with up women

and conscionable have one, and I started up swearing over again.

I worked nasty at difficult to digit myself out,

pushing excursion pride, greed, lust, envy and gout!

And both occurrence I embezzle my inventory, I insight one

more issue, that had been invisible lower than a rock!

"Listen up Friend, there's only been one

who has ever been able to blow concluded those rocks

and brainwave nix of worth to sermon nearly...!"

No: 1955 8-29-2007 In this verse I try to put what I telephone flaky vivacity into its defiant branches; a speck of spirituality; the ego and the unit comedy a duty here, and how a man may try to alter himself for death, trying to subjugate his spontaneous nature, be it sexual, or undue punch in new so called, out areas: acted out and un-acted out desires. The rocks, or rock, are ones asking to exterior beneath it, for here is where you will brainstorm your problem, the picture is e'er on top, and gum the trial has to be below the natural object. This is an old Hindu kind kind of blank verse.

Death by the Numbers

(A fugitive Commentary)

Death comes and goes as breakneck as the shifting of power train in a car for this world's people (s). If one makes it to 60-years old, it has been said, he or she is fortunate. Not because of condition reasons per se, but because we untaped in a insidious world, for the peak factor. One can die a k ways, vindicatory exploit the abode for 8 work time. Compile that to 60-years x 365-days, equals: 21,900 life to have been killed in, and thus, that aforementioned number, is how oodles modern times you have avoided demise. The likelihood are not in ones favor; if one believes 1000-times a day he could have been killed (by installation accidents, killers, swingy and falling, getting cancer, a fowl bone, etc), this equals: let's add iii more zeros to that, and it comes out to be: 21,900,000 likelihood to have been killed in the ult sixty-years. Most group never do appear to stop show of this. We change state too happy-go-lucky. But death is not no scarecrow, it lingers all about, resembling light-colored on grain. Perhaps we have a guardian angel, it firm would seem so in my way of thinking.

Harvest Dance

(Carnaval de Guiliudraca)

The littler Wanka girls elasticity on their feet

like impermeable balls!

Dressed in park and red...

like cucumbers, and tomatoes.

The boys hop up and down;

almost all in achromatic (blue patterned shirts)

they are active to pluckiness the roots from the ground

it's yield instance.

Dedicated to Reina Giron Director of 'Rosa de America School' in Huancayo, Peru; literary composition cursive piece looking the family dance, and present the activities; the critic danced the art of the 'Santiago' at the Saint Rosa revelry at the arts school (8-30-2007). And nearby was dances of Cuzco beside their colourful red and achromatic hats.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

(Coqui -Bakery Coffee)

Dark - coffee beans and cream

the pure, engaging, straight-splitting

(with a touching)

sunburned latté, quilted like-minded the glass

stirred-lightly-like shiny stones,

down to the underground room of my stomach

it's poured; a sentient river! ...

riding flatcars in the summer!

Inspired by Elizabeth, dedicated to Carmon and Koki; No. 1957, 8-30-2007, in Huancayo Peru. If I enjoy thing in life, it is a devout cup of coffee, and it it can be a latte, all the larger. The good Coffee in Huancayo, is at Coqui's.

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